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Je m’appelle Michela, j’ai 19 ans et je viens du diocèse de Novara.
J'ai envie de partir. J'ai envie de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes qui viennent de lieux différents. J'ai envie de me promener dans votre ville. J'ai envie de parler avec les gestes et de rire quand on ne se comprendra pas. Mais surtout, j'ai envie de vivre cette expérience avec vous, qui nous recevez, et avec tous les jeunes qui iront à Madrid le prochain été, parce que malgré les différences de langue et de culture, il y a quelqu'un qui nous unit et qui arrive à Noël, mais qui en réalité est toujours avec nous !! Joyeux Noël Bayonne !!!
À bientôt !!!

Bonjour !
Je m'appelle Bénéwendé Camille TAPSOBA. J'ai 29 ans et je suis originaire du Burkina Faso. Je suis le président diocésain de la jeunesse de l'archidiocèse de Ouagadougou au Burkina Faso et conseiller en droits humains. Mon travail consiste à concevoir des politiques de promotion et de protection des droits de l'homme dans mon pays.
Je suis à ma première participation aux JMJ. Je me suis décidé à participer aux JMJ 2011 parce que c'est une rencontre inédite de jeunes du monde entier et un beau témoignage de notre foi commune et unique : la foi catholique.
En venant aux JMJ 2011, j'espère rencontrer :

  • Le Pape, ne serait-ce que de loin;
  • Des jeunes de diverses nationalités afin de partager nos différentes expériences en matière de vécu de la foi catholique;

J'attends également beaucoup des catéchèses car j'en suis sûr, cela m'édifiera encore plus.
Comme intention de prière, je souhaiterais que l'on prie pour la paix dans le monde, en particulier pour les pays dont les jeunes risquent de ne pouvoir participer aux JMJ pour des raisons de troubles à la paix.

My name is Ji-Young Kim. I am 31 years old. I am from South Korea, where I work as a teacher.
I decided to register for the WYD 2011 because the last World Youth Day in 2008 was a truly magnificent and happy day for me. Now I want to experience it all over again. For me, it is quite difficult to maintain a peaceful mind all by myself. I need the help of others. I can't imagine a better place than WYD 2011 to find that community of support.
During WYD, I am hoping to discover my life mission. It will be my third WYD. I participated in WYD 2005, WYD 2008 and I look forward with great enthusiasm to taking part in WYD 2011. I am also hoping to gain a better understanding of why Jesus continues to provide me with these wonderful WYD events. Most of all, I want to meet different people from catholic youth groups in different countries. I want to learn about their cultures, to contribute my own life experience as a South Korean catholic and to share in our common faith in Jesus Christ.
An intention of prayer during this period of Christmas
I think "The Joyful Mysteries” from the Rosary would be great to be read during this period of Christmas; it brings us back to the birth of our Lord.

Hello. My name is Ji-ae Moon. I am 24 years old.I am a student at Yonsei University, which is in South Korea.
It's the finals these days and I am glad that I am able to do something else than study for awhile.
I have decided to register for the WYD 2011 to become closer with people who believe in the same faith as I and also to go a step closer to God.
I am expecting to pray and think more about Jesus and God and to live without thinking about all the greeds I want. I wish to become and live more like Jesus and Mother Mary.
An intention of prayer that could be read during this period is:
God, please let there be less people suffering from hunger on this very day your son, Jesus Christ has been born. There are so many to care for but so little time. Please give strength to those who are volunteering to help those in need.
Well, I guess this is it!
I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Name : Jung Hwa You (Catholic Baptismal Name : Photina)
Gender : Female
Age : 22
Country : South Korea (Republic of Korea)
Occupation : University Student (Major in Law)

  • why he/she decided to register for the WYD 2011 : Having participated in the Korea Youth Day(KYD) 2010, I became to realize the sheer force of spiritual and emotional empathy that has made my religious identity less fragile. As Pope John Paul II once said, "In the designs of Providence, there are no mere coincidences," it seems as if World Youth Day is a pre-designed opportunity given to me in my youth to listen to God's voice whispering not far from but just near me, especially in people's hearts around my age. For this reason, I was firmly determined to register for the WYD 2011, and I am preparing myself for this once-in-a-lifetime event in all sincerity.
  • what is he/she expecting to find and to live during those WYD : Hope that more opportunities be guaranteed to have conversations, prayers, and outdoor activities with friends from as various countries as possible. It is highly expected that the participants could freely exchange their thoughts and belief in Jesus Christ in that this World Youth Day would give us newly congregated strength to step forward to the world as the Catholic youth even after the WYD period.
  • an intention of prayer which could be read during this period of Christmas :
    Dear Lord, in this glorious period of the Advent,
    I pray for Your special grace to all those newly born babies and children
    in this world where God's love protects all living things against all evil.
    May God bless and comfort all the clergy and laity in the Diocese of Bayonne in France and the Diocese of Suwon in South Korea.
    Through Christ, our Lord.

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